Friday, 21 July 2017

Opening soon...another place to rummage.

Last couple of times we have driven through La Roche Posay we have noticed some activity on the building opposite the 'Restaurant de la Gare on the bad bend on the D5. As we passed again yesterday its purpose was revealed. We stopped and spoke to a lady (English we think) who let us know in French, that it should be open in a couple of weeks time...including the 'salon de the'.
Another place for our band of treasure hunters to rummage in. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Something for the weekend 22nd/23rd July...brocantes

Brocantes / vide greniers Saturday 22nd July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

MONTLOUIS SUR LOIRE  Brocante des Bords de Loire 2017 ***

Brocantes / vide greniers Sunday 23rd July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

 CHINON  Vide-greniers fbg Saint Jacques ?



ROUZIERS DE TOURAINE  Brocante Vide-greniers *****
TOURS  Brocante BD Béranger ***

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A little progress...

Although we are busy with our holiday rental properties  I am still managing to put a little time in at 'the project' in La Guerche and we are making some progress,,,

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A good idea?

Last week when we were away 'treasure' hunting around Chauvigny we had lunch in the 'Havana Cafe' in the town. The meal at only €10.00 was interesting in that the whole meal, main,cheese & dessert, came on the one plate! It was also tasty and served by friendly staff so all in all a good choice...forgot to mention you get free bowls of monkey nuts to nibble on while you wait for your that was a first!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Loire Valley working its magic again...

Our last guests at 'Les Balcons' spent their last day enjoying the sunshine as they were heading back to Scotland where they said may not get much of a chance to enjoy much more (sure they were only joking!) They enjoyed staying in Le Grand Pressigny and exploring places like Loches on market day and the ever enchanting Chateau de Chenonceau.

Here is their comment from the house guestbook:


"We loved living in your wonderful house this week, home from home,everything you needed and more. Thank you for the daily updates on where to go and what to do, very much appreciated. What an amazing place to live, everyone so friendly.We enjoyed the 14th July celebrations. Thank you Jim & Pauline."

Keith, Lindsay, Ross & Emma Lambert


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Loire Valley church on Sunday - Church of Saint Aubin, Turquant

Today we visit the church of Saint Aubin in the village of Turquant on the South bank of the river Loire near Montsoreau.

Origins date from 12th xentury but as ever much altered over the centuries.

Internally the white tufa stone makes for a surprisingly bright interior.

Where's Joan? place for her here sadly!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

That was the week that was - in the Loire Valley

At this time of year we  board the /runaway train/ (Pauline's analogy) as we are, fortunately, kept busy with our vacation rentals but also caught up with local events and socialising with our friends who are over for the summer. The last seven days is a fairly typical (?) week:

Last Friday night was  'Soiree Irlandaise' in Le Grand-Pressigny  and we returned there on Saturday to prepare for our latest guests, They were arriving on Sunday so we concentrated on the interior of Les Balcons as it was sooo hot, with a view to doing the garden in the cool of the morning on the Sunday.

In the evening we joined friends for pizza at the restaurant here in Barrou then we all went to the bridge at Lesigny for the joint village firework display.

Afterwards we accepted an invitation for a 'night-cap' which meant a late night...

and a late start at Les Balcons on Sunday.

On Sunday evening we had an invitation to join our neighbour for an apero which lead to him asking us to stay for a BBQ which we were happy to accept.

On Monday I managed a full days work at the La Guerche project/ 

Tuesday I had to go and cut the grass at a clients garden in the morning then back to La Guerche in the afternoon.

On Wednesday we joined friends on a mini road-trip into the La Vienne, where we had the advantage of their 'local knowledge' to do a bit of treasure hunting at  various brocante places plus did a bit of sightseeing and lunch.

On Thursday we joined other friends for a trip up to the Loire river at  where we did the walk around the village.

Followed by lunch, then on to the troglodytes at nearby Souzay-Champigny then back for a walk around the village of Turquant.

This is a very interesting strch of the river Loire which also includes the very pretty Candes-St-Martin

In the evening we  joined friends for a musical soiree over in Lesigny

Yesterday we started to prepare Le Bourg for guests arriving on Sunday and in the evening we did nothing!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Something for the holiday weekend...brocantes

Brocantes / vide greniers Friday 14th July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

DRUYE  Vide-greniers ****

LA MEMBROLLE SUR CHOISILLE  Fête Nationale du 14 Juillet ***

LIGUEIL  Brocante Vide-greniers **

LUSSAULT SUR LOIRE  Vide-greniers ***

RICHELIEU  Antiquités Brocante **

TOURS  Vide-grenier du 14 Juillet léo Lagrange Tours *

VERNEUIL SUR INDRE  Fête du Cochon Grillé - Brocante Vide-greniers **

VILLEBOURG  Vide-greniers *

Brocantes / vide greniers Sunday 16th July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

ANTOGNY LE TILLAC  Fête de l'été Brocante **

AVON LES ROCHES  Brocante du Comité de Jumelage ***

CHINON  Brocante Mensuelle**

LE LOUROUX  Foire à L’ail Brocante, Vide-greniers **


SONZAY   Brocante, Vide-greniers ***

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

No need to run...

Yesterday in the village I witnessed a rare thing, one of my neighbours running down the street, He did not appear to be in any form of panic but was simply running! Now admittedly we have a 'plus ages' population (which we are hurtling towards qualification) in the village but it got me thinking that even in larger towns I have rarely seen many people having to run. Now this could be down to their 'joie de vivre' in that, why run when you can walk as your destination won't go away, or there is always tomorrow! I don't know...or is it just me?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fireworks...'Fete Nationale' 2017 when and where...

We already have had our 'Fete Nationale' fireworks which we now share with neighbouring Lesigny but there are still plenty of opportunities to catch some other celebrations...

ABILLY – Over the river from ‘Ile de la Claise’ – 13th July
AMBOISE – Over the Loire from ‘l’Île d’Or’ – 14th July
ATHEE-SUR-CHER – Parc de la Chesnaye – 14th July
AZAY-SUR-CHER – Salle Jacques Revaux – 13th July
CHAMBON – Place de la Mairie – 13th July
CHAMBRAY-LES-TOURS – Lac René Messon – 13th July
CHARNIZAY – 13th July
CHINON – Rive Sud de la Vienne – 14th July
CUSSAY  – 13th July
DESCARTES - 14th July
LANGEAIS – Espace Alingavia – 13th July
LA GUERCHE – 13th July
lA ROCHE-POSAY  – 14th July
LE GRAND PRESSIGNY – Pre du Grand Moulin, Ave Andre Theuriet – 14th July
LIGUEIL – Prairie des Dauphins – 14th July
LOCHES – Stade Leclerc – 14th July
MANTHELAN – 13th July
PAULMY – Village – 14th July
PREUILLY-SUR-CLAISE – Plan d’eau – 14th July
SAINT-CYR-SUR-LOIRE – Parc de la Perraudière – 13th July
SEPMES – Cour du Château – 14th July
TOURS – Over the Loire from  ‘l’Île Simon’ – 14th July

Monday, 10 July 2017

It is the one thing we cannot control

New guests arrived at 'Les Balcons' yesterday to some very heavy rain which, after a very dry spell, might well have been appreciated by local gardeners but after travelling all the way down from Aberdeen in Scotland it was somewhat disappointing. It is the one aspect of the holiday that we cannot really influence and when  our guests have bad weather we take it to heart.

The departing guests had had to put up with 30+ degree temperatures...quite a change. They had stayed with us at Le Bourg last year and returned to Southern Touraine again this year.

Here is their comment on our guestbook:
 "Thanks Pauline & Jim for another (stayed at 'Le Bourg' last year) wonderful stay in this part of France. We loved 'Les Balcons' and Le Grand-Pressigny"

Roger & Pat
West Yorkshire

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Early celebration...

Last night was pizza at the restaurant here in Barrou then on to the bridge at Lesigny for the joint village Bastille day(?) firework display.

With the potential threat of some much needed rain Willi offered us some protection...we did not take him up on his offer!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Another 'bon soiree' - to be sure!

Last night's 'Soiree Irlandaise' in Le Grand-Pressigny was, like previous years, very well attended (over 400 portions of fish & chips served) and much appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

Music was provided by our local stalwarts as 'Celtiqua' and the returning 'Siansa' -great stuff!

As before the dancing proved popular with the 'callers' doing their usual sterling job of keeping them in tow -  even if there were some reluctant participants.

As we left we knew it would continue into the wee small hours.

Big 'shout-out' to the folks at 'Fete'art Pressignois' for all their efforts providing another great evening.