Monday, 28 August 2017

On a roll at Sunday's brocante...

Well four actually, picked up 4 rolls of this traditional pattern for the princely sum of €4 at Chaumussay. Will some time in the future reappear as a feature wall in one of the bedrooms in 'the project', Were going to head over to Cussay but got the better offer to join friends for lunch at nearby 'La Grange' - glad we did.

Sadly, Dave,the owner of 'La Grange', is putting it on the market and returning to the UK. It is a delightful prospect as it has two properties and has been run as a gite business. So for a young (or not so young) couple seeking to find a new life here in France it could be ideal.

You can check out the sale details here: Property for Sale

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